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There are different worlds and universe to discover even in the most ordinary things around -- in just almost anything and in just almost everything.

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Let these pages reveal what we know of our reality and take part by making a stand of how you wish your reality be.

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And the power to create was discovered by man. A great power as it is, the question whether it shoudl be available to everyone became the cause of many wars. As expected, the power became available only to those who has the power to keep it -- who has the power to use it.

The most powerful organizations of men, utilizing all their resources silently created worlds of their own. They utilized all the best writers who could write the best stories and plots for a vision of the best civilization. But everything proved to be in vain. With the power to create all powers imaginable to man and create a world most advanced, the age of creation all suddenly came to a halt.

In one signle alignment of time, they all came gathered with one single question in mind; what else to create?

They have created everything, tried everything, lived each and every person's life but all ending in this one world -- this time line in the present reality -- with a question, what else is there to dream?

The search for the best writer ended with a new search; the search the best dreamer.